Update in pictures

Update in pictures
Oakley having fun in the Rain

Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Update in pictures May 2011!!

                                                Oakley playing in the dirt at the baseball field
                                                          Oakley throwing mommy a kiss
                                            Watching Big Brother Christopher play baseball

                                                           It sure is hot out here
                                      another day watching Christopher play baseball
                                            Watching Peyton play baseball, Go Peyt!!
                                                           Go Peyt!!
                                           Nothing like cooling off with a dirt bath!
                                                    Oakley's first Pony ride
                                                       Playing with my baby
                                                    I Love you this much!!
                                                      Easter 2011

We have gone a whole month with no antibiotics and Oakley is doing great. After being on them from October til mid April it is a relief to finally have her all well. She is growing and learning so much. She can say and identify her ABC's ,count  from 1-10 and we are working on writing her name. She loves to dance,sing, color, watch Dora, watch her brothers play baseball and putting puzzles together. She is saying so much that it is hard to write it down. We are so Blessed to have Oakley in our lives!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Oakley turns 2!!

We celebrated Oakley's 2nd Birthday Saturday Febuary 12th. Many family and friends came to
help us celebrate, the wonderful gift that God has blessed us with. I ask Oakley Saturday, if  she
know it was her Birthday. She said " yes, me Oakley eat Bell cake". Oakley loves Tinker Bell and
even thinks that she is a fairy and when not a fairy she is a princess. She refers to herself as "ME Oakley".
The Fairy Cake turned out great and Oakley even enjoyed eating it.

 At the party Oakley found some flowers, that had been left over from a wedding. She kept taking the flower around to everyone wanting them to smell it. Ummmm smell so good, she would say. Her favorite gifts had to be a Tutu, from her Uncle Matt and Aunt Kim and then princess dress up shoes from her aunt DeeDee.
                                  Oakley has worn the Tutu and the Dress up shoes everyday.

On another note we went back to Egleston for Oakey's annual check up with her surgeon. The x-rays she that Oakley has a weak spot on her Diaphram. Dr. Bhatia said the the weak spot has always been there. when she went back an looked at Oakley's previous x-rays. Dr. Bhatia, also told us that the weak spot is causing a bulg, which is a sign that Oakley is trying to reherniate. This was not at all what Brian and I wanted to hear. We also have always known the there is/will be a chance of reherination. All we can do is pray that God will continue to watch over our sweet little girl.

Oakley, is doing an learning so much. She loves the book" Brown Bear Brown Bear". She actually helps me read it. This book has been a wonderful source, for helping teach Oakley her colors.
When I ask,  Oakley how old are you? She say,   "Me,Oakley 2". She is saying so much that it is hard to keep up with everything. I keep telling myself that I am going to write it down as she does it so that I don't forget anything. I just don't have time. Between Oakley and her 3 brothers there is no time for writing down every little thing.
Here is a cute Oakley funny, last Sunday she took her baby doll to church with her, during the service Oakley looked at me and said mommy, real quite and put her finger to her mouth and said shhhh. Then very loud she said "BABY CRY, BABY CRY" I looked at her and said shhhh, she shhhhh me back and then very loudly once again said "BABY CRY, BABY CRY."  Mommy ended up taking Oakley and her crying baby out of the service.
Here are a few of her favorite things to play with, She loves to play with her doll house, she loves to dance to any beat of music, she loves playing with her kitchen and setting her own little dinner table. Loves playing with her dolls, loves putting puzzels together and reading books.

The weather has been beautiful here this week. We have been able to get outside and play some.
Today is was 74 degress out so Oakley and I got lots of playing time in. The Johnnyquils and Camillas are
blooming in our yard and Oakley found them today. She loves flowers, she went over and picked a Johnnyquil and brought it to me. She first smelled it, then said "look mommy flower, yellow". She is so smart and such a joy. I also realize that I may not have very many flowers, this year. 

Blessed to have such a wonderful 2 year old. 
Love Sheree (Oakley's mommy) 


Thursday, January 13, 2011

1 month away from being 2!!

Oakley is now 23 months. Only 1 month away from being a 2 year old. It is so hard for me to believe that it has been 2 years since we welcomed her into our lives.
Our family had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. This had to be the best Christmas ever for our family. Watching Oakley and seeing the joys of Christmas while still knowing  the true meaning of the season was such a Blessing for us.

It has been a quiet few months at our house, which was a much needed time for the boys to rest. They have all been so busy with school and sports that they needed some down time.
Baseball starts back up in just a few weeks and we are ready!!

Oakley is talking in sentences using 4-6 word phrases. She is so funny. She got a small Leap frog lap top for Christmas. The other night I was on my Laptop and she got her toy one and came an sit beside me. She looked at me very serious and said "Mommy, here you use mine. I use that one!"  She loves for us to pull up
Disney World on the computer and let her see Tinker Bell flying from the castle. She loves Tinker Bell. She actually thinks that she is Tinker Bell. Brian ask her the other day if she was his baby doll and she told him "No I'm your Bell"!  We are hoping to take her to Disney World soon.  It will all depend on weither we get a spring break or not. We have been out of school all week with 9 inches of snow. The boys had fun it it the first two days and then had enough of it. The old saying is if it lays on the ground for more than 3 days it is waiting on more. I really hope not, this has been plenty.

Oakley, is singing her ABC's, matching colors, counting, coloring, writing or scribbling. She is just doing and saying so much that I can never remember everything. Her favorite thing is music, it doesn't matter what kind of music just music. She loves to dance and is always stoping to dance if she hears music.
She loves our dog Jake, she will come to him and say come on Jake lets play and take off running. He is old so he doesn't chase her but she would love for him to.

Oakley got her 4th synagis this week. The last 2 months she has broken my heart, when Nurse Fran comes in to give her the shot, Oakley will grab hold of me and start crying saying "NO Mommy No"!  I know that the shots are for her health but boy does it just kill me. . She came to me this morning and told me "mommy leg don't hurt anymore" and took off running. I thought to myself only one more to go.

We will return to Eagleston on Feb. 11 for Oakley's 2 year check up. I always look forward to these trips because I know that we are returning with a Miracle. We are one of the lucky families that do get to go back.

We are BLESSED!!
Love, Sheree-Oakley's mommy

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Since my last post we have been very busy, yet that is nothing new for our busy family.
Oakley is doing great now, she  had a fight with the flu and pneomonia over the Thanksgiving
Holidays. She is finally starting to act more like herself, which is a huge welcome.
Oakley, is at the  fun age this Christmas. She loves Santa so much and loves
Christmas music and dancing to the Christmas music. She loves the Christmas tree or
should I say the ornaments. Our tree is a little top heavy now, everytime Oakley takes an
ornament off I put it back at the top of the tree, so that she can't reach it. Needless to say
there are very few ornaments left on the bottom of our tree.
We took her this weekend to meet Santa. She was a little unsure at first but ended up loving
him. Santa sat down in the floor with Oakley and played. She liked that and gave him a hug before
leaving. Afterward she skipped away saying"Bye HO HO"!!! We also went to the county Christmas
Parade this weekend. Oakley waved and said Merry Christmas to everyone that past by.
Oakley is our 4th child, I don't know that I have ever taken the time to slow down and watch the innocence and joy that this age brings to Christmas.  Maybe it is knowing the Miracles that happened that first Christmas and knowing  that each day,  we have had and will have with Oakley, are an amazing gift and Blessing from God.  We are truely Blessed.

Oakley's favorite movie is "Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy rescue".Oakley would watch this
the whole day if she could, over and over.
She is talking and saying so much. My favorite thing that she is doing is,  she will come to me or her daddy and say "come on mama/daddy lets play"!! Oakley is so smart and is learning so much so very fast. She already knows her ABC's and their sounds and isn't ever 2 yet. I am amazed at how very smart she is. She loves to color and I love coloring with her. She still loves her brothers. We got to go watch her brother Peyton and his travel ball baseball team. Get Championship rings a few weeks ago. The Georgia Hitters are the #1 team in the state. Oakley loves watching all of her brothers play ball.

Over the last 22 months I have tryed to stay in touch with Sky and Carla. We come to know this amazing family while Oakley and their Joseph were both fighting CDH at Eagelston. Joseph lost his battle to CDH but was such a Warrior. Sky and Carla are expecting a little girl in April. There are no signs of CDH or any other birth defects. Please pray for Sky,Carla, and their family.

From our family to yours, May this Christmas season bring you and your family much happiness and joy.
Love, Brian,Sheree,Auston,Christopher,Peyton and Oakley

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Blessed Fall

It has been a while since I have had time to post. Oakley and her brothers are keeping us very busy.
Oakley is now almost 21 months, she is an amazing little girl. Oakley is still in love with her 3 older
brothers, she keeps them busy. She knows that she has all of them wrapped around her fingers.
She is starting to count and learn her ABC's. She loves to be read to and her favorit book is still
"I Love you Stinky Face". 
We found out that Oakley was approved by our insurance, to get the Synagis shots again this year. What a Blessing it was when we got the call confiming she would be getting them.

Oakley is talking so much and is able to tell us what she needs/wants. She is so sweet, at night when saying her prayers. She has memorized the main parts and when we get to GOD Bless, she starts saying all the names of our family.
Oakley's favorite movie right now is" Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy rescue". She will bring it to us and say
Bell please. Her favorite saying is "come on play"!
Oakley is still on the small side at 18 lbs and 27 in, she is negative 25 % on the growth chart. Her doctor is
not concerned because she is healthy and there is nothing negative about her.

We know we are Blessed to have such a Miracle in our lives. October 3rd 2008 ,was the day we found out that we would be Blessed with a daughter and that she would come into this world fighting for her life. Today no   one would ever know that our Oakley was given only a 20% chance of surving CDH. She has had no complications in the 20 months that we have had her home with us. Every child that survives CDH is a miracle. I know that without in debt that God has held my daughter. He held her when I couldn't and he gave her the breath of life. Our lives are forever changed by our precious gift from above.

We have had a great Fall. Peyton,our youngest son's team, won the championship/mini bowl in Football.Brian coached Peyton's team and did an amazing job. His travel baseball team "The Georgia Hitters" are placed #1 in the state of Georgia.
Christopher, is wrestling on the high school wrestling team. This is new for him but he is doing great and enjoying doing something new. Auston is doing great, he doesn't like sports much but loves his video games.
He is also the #1 brother for Ms. Oakley. She loves her Auldi>

Oakley and Peyton went Trick or treating and were Captain Hook and Tinker Bell, they both had a lot of fun and just adorable.

We are looking forward to the up coming Holiday season and some down time. Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday, I love being with family and friends. We have so much to be Thankful for.

Hope everyone has a great November and Holiday season.

With lots of love,
Sheree Irvin