Update in pictures

Update in pictures
Oakley having fun in the Rain

Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Update in pictures May 2011!!

                                                Oakley playing in the dirt at the baseball field
                                                          Oakley throwing mommy a kiss
                                            Watching Big Brother Christopher play baseball

                                                           It sure is hot out here
                                      another day watching Christopher play baseball
                                            Watching Peyton play baseball, Go Peyt!!
                                                           Go Peyt!!
                                           Nothing like cooling off with a dirt bath!
                                                    Oakley's first Pony ride
                                                       Playing with my baby
                                                    I Love you this much!!
                                                      Easter 2011

We have gone a whole month with no antibiotics and Oakley is doing great. After being on them from October til mid April it is a relief to finally have her all well. She is growing and learning so much. She can say and identify her ABC's ,count  from 1-10 and we are working on writing her name. She loves to dance,sing, color, watch Dora, watch her brothers play baseball and putting puzzles together. She is saying so much that it is hard to write it down. We are so Blessed to have Oakley in our lives!!

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